Rich Gorman: Signs that Your Online Marketing Efforts are in Trouble

Rich GormanRich Gorman has worked on enough online marketing campaigns to know a good one when he sees one. The inverse is also true: Gorman is keenly aware of the warning signs, the indicators that your campaign is flagging. Sadly, there are all too many companies and brands wasting time and resources on online marketing campaigns that are sputtering and giving out. Read on for insights into a few of the common problems—and potential solutions.

Relying on Data

Anytime you are doing anything with online algorithms and marketing endeavors, data is obviously going to play a big role. However, the problem that a lot of online marketers run into is an over reliance on raw data—an obsession with analytics that blinds them to the importance of good, compelling content. Remember that you are marketing to people, not computers, and that while tracking your progress is important, so is creative thinking. You will not have online marketing success without it!

Content Rigidity

In keeping with the above note about creative thinking, it is crucial to remember that content is king—that you will not have a successful marketing campaign without strong, compelling content. And yet, many marketers struggle with the most basic concepts of content agility, fussing over a blog entry for two weeks and ultimately posting on the same tired topics, time after time. For online marketing success, diverse content and a fast turnaround are both tremendously important.

An Aversion to Risk

Want to really get people to notice your online content? Do something unorthodox, controversial, or edgy. It works like a charm, but sadly, many online marketing pros are too averse to risk, fearing what will happen if they rock the boat too much. To succeed, try going out on a ledge some time, and get people to really sit up and notice.

What Makes or Breaks an Online Campaign

Here is the final problem that afflicts a lot of online marketing campaigns… and it is a doozy: A lack of patience. This is especially true when you get up into the enterprise level. Executives want results—and they want them now!

According to Rich Gorman, this is just not how good marketing works; online marketing, in particular, thrives on the creation of lasting relationships with client. You win conversions by engaging them, something that often takes time. Don’t get distraught if you do not see major results in the first 24 hours of a campaign; a good campaign is an ongoing, ever-unfolding and ever-improving process, according to veteran marketer Rich Gorman.

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